Jesus Christ says to love one another, and that is what we do.  Give us a chance to answer any of your questions, and to show you how much we love others.


Here are some prayers:


Jesus my Savior bought my soul
In blood and pain. He paid in full
He sacrificed His life for me
That I might live eternally

Because of Him I know I'll rise
A soul redeemed in my Father's eyes
He suffered lashes, prodding spears
Braved cursing tongues and heartless jeers
Though pierced with nails and raised up high
Forgave all who came to watch Him die

Because of Him I know I'll rise
A soul redeemed in my Father's eyes
He chose to be a sacrifice
That we may have eternal life
And that gift He gave to everyone
As He told His Father "It is done!"

Because of Him I know I'll rise
A soul redeemed in my Father's eyes

Now the tale is told throughout the world
Of His empty tomb with shroud unfurled.
Of His words that we too shall ascend
And that He shall be with us unto the end.

Because of Him I know I'll (we will) rise
A soul redeemed in my (our) Father's eyes



Not in this land alone where we abide
In others, too, 'cross oceans wide
In tiny towns and cities great
Around the world they congregate
In churches, homes or country glen
For sunrise service once again
To praise the Lamb who died for man
Then rose again as was His plan
As mortal man He chose to die
To show, as God, He'd death defy
And so He did! Thus on Easter day
As dawn gently ushers night away
We worship Him, the 'Risen Son'
Who conquered death
And proved God has won.

For us!

Thank You Lord


When I cross over may there be
An angel waiting there for me
To guide my soul to where I'll see
The Lord in all His majesty
Seated on a throne of light
Adorned in robe of dazzling white
With His Son, my Savior, at His right
I know my soul will bow in shame
For sins I sinned and bear the blame
I'll plead forgiveness in the name
Of the Lamb whose truth can't be denied
Who bled for me and death defied
Who cleansed my soul so I'll abide
eternally with Him

Thank You Lord Jesus!

Child's Prayer 1

Thank you Lord for being You
For guarding me the whole night through
For the food I need, the cloths I wear
For blessing me with loving care
Please walk beside me every day
And guide my soul along life's way

Child's Prayer 2

Each night before I go to sleep
I kneel beside my bed
I clasp my hands; I close my eyes
I bow my weary head.
I ask the Lord to keep me safe
While I'm asleep and in His care
And I know He will be guarding me
In answer to my prayer.

Child's Prayer 3

I can't see wind
But know wind's there
It flutters flags
It blows my hair
It lifts kites up so very high
And makes them dance
up in the sky
Wind does so much
when it does blow
That wind is real
I really know

I can't see God
But know God's there
He keeps me safe
In His loving care
He walks with me
The whole day through
Yes, God's just as real
As the wind is too


This soul within is certainly
A gift of life from Thee to me
To hold in trust. It is not mine.
This soul I shelter Lord is Thine
To walk in faith; to do Thy will
To righteously its task fulfill
To keep Thy word and evil spurn
Then prayerfully,
To Thee return.


Thank You Lord for everything
For food and health, for birds that sing
For sun, the stars, for peace on earth
For home, for love, our Savior's birth
For all gifts sent to us from above
Dear Lord, accept our heartfelt love.

Child's Prayer 4

Bless all fathers,
Bless all mothers,
Bless all sisters,
Bless all brothers
Bless all families
Large and small
Lord hear my prayer
And bless them all.

Child's Prayer 5

All things on earth, both large and small
Were made by God. He made them all
The earth, the stars, the moon , the sun
He created every one.
And all these gifts we love to see
He made for you. He made for me.
So we could see and understand
The power of His mighty hand.


Kindly bless this food we pray
Kindly keep us safe each day
Kindly teach us how we may
Do Thy will day after day


For food and clothing
Health and love
For all Thy blessing from above
We thank Thee Lord


Rejoice! Rejoice awaiting hearts
The day is drawing nigh
That our Redeemer shall return
Triumphantly on high

As heaven's portals open wide
Angelic choirs shall sing
In praise of Him who death defied
Our Savior and our King

Awestruck we'll see our gracious Lord
Descending on a cloud
His sacred promise to fulfill
As He Himself avowed.

Let trumpets sound! Let cymbals clash!
Let thunder shake the skies!
We all shall 'hallelujahs' shout
With joyous tear-filled eyes

Rejoice! Rejoice ye faithful souls
Who shall the wond'rous sight behold
It shall dim the light of heaven's sun
Make worthless all earth's gold

Bow before His countenance
Be filled with Love's embrace
For His kingdom will be one of peace
Ruled with majesty and grace


Child's Prayer 6

The night has come
And day is done
The sky is dark
Gone is the sun
I will sleep till dawn
And have no fear
Knowing that the Lord
Is ever near


I sure was lucky the man said
The falling branch just missed my head
If it had hit me, I'd be dead
I sure was lucky the man said

Well... My tire blew the girl complained
But I was lucky she exclaimed
I might have died or have been maimed
Luck sure was with me, she proclaimed..

The storm surprised our entire crew
We sure were scared as the waves grew
We could have drowned, but we came through
Lady Luck stuck with us. That is true.

Into each life one can agree
Close calls occur quite frequently
And people marvel knowingly
That luck was with them thankfully.

Why does mankind so often laud
Lady Luck instead of God
For keeping him above the sod
For that, the wise will GOD applaud.

Hymn From the Heart

Lord of this earth and of we thereon,
Almighty King, Thy holy name
Ignites the love within my heart
That grows into a burning flame
I pray that flame of love may be
A hymn of praise oh Lord to Thee

Sang silently within my soul
It exalts Thy holiness
And prayerfully that heartfelt love
My tongue cannot express
Pray hearken to the hymn oh Lord
And accept the love within each chord

May angels join the silent praise
This mortal loving heart does raise
With 'Hallelujahs' that proclaim
My earthbound soul adores Thy name
Let heaven's hosts and mortals sing
In praise of God our Mighty King


have a question. Can it be
That the God we want to see we'll see?
If I am black might it be true
When I first see God He'll be black, too?
For the scriptures do not say that He
Can't change to look like you or me
So whether I am black or white
Red or Yellow, dark or light
Will He lovingly reflect my tone
When at last I stand before His throne
As His way of making it quite plain
All shades inhabit His domain?


A deep royal blue toned the
sky on that night
Like a canopy studded with
diamonds of light
But what from the earth seemed
a strange regal sky
Was a heavenly carpet for angels
on high
How they watched through the
night standing row upon row
And gazed down in awe at the
chilled earth below
And the earth that night listened
as hymns of God's love
Rained softly, rained sweetly
from heaven above
They sang of God's mercy.
They sang of God's worth
And from heaven they worshiped
The Christchlld on earth


Is earth perhaps God's fertile field
Where He plants the souls that angels yield?
To thrive and blossom in His sight
His word a shield from earthly blight?
As sinless soul-seeds are we sown
Encased in mortal flesh and grown?
And does He germinate each seed
To root and grow to serve His needs?
That they might flourish one by one
'Neath the gentle warmth of Heaven's Son
And blossom forth through worthy deeds
As floral gems, not earthbound weeds?
Then are they gathered fully grown
To stand as angels by His throne?


Keep us in Thy light, oh Lord
Lest we falter on life's way
When evil darkness blocks our path
Deliver us we pray
For being mortal, we are weak
And must in darkness Thy aid seek
If from Thy rightgeous path we roam
Pray be the Light that guides us home.


When life becomes a stormy sea
Upon which thy soul flails aimlessly
In faith, do pray that there will be
A guiding Light to rescue thee
For from Golgotha's hallowed height
A sacred Beam will pierce the night
The path it marks is safe and true
Golgotha's Light will guide thee through


I wonder if man is a part
Of his Father's soul,
Of his Father's heart?
Once God made mankind
from lifeless clay
Did He give him life
in a special way?
Because He felt
it would be wise
To place mankind
in paradise
Where he could live
In a place of beauty,
worry free
And did God gift man
With His own breath
To become man's soul
Therefore free of death?
So man in Eden
Could remain as long
As he did God's will
And he knew no wrong?
Until Eve and Adam
were deceived
By a serpent's lie
that they believed
And because they sinned
They knew wrong from right
And in shame and fear
Tried to hide from sight
God was not deceived,
and felt great pain
Knowing man had sinned
and could not remain
But from fair Eden must depart
Having now a soiled
and mortal heart?
Was it then as well
Being distraught
God decreed the flesh will die,
But man's Soul shall not ?


Beyond the beyond
Our Lord does wait
At the gleaming portal
Of heaven's gate
To welcome those
Freed of mortal sin
And earthly ties
To enter in
Cleansed by the blood
Of His only Son
Shed in selfless love
For everyone?
Let each heart rejoice
Do not fret or grieve
For all shall pass through
Who His word believe..


Forsake us not
dear Lord we pray
Be our protector
day by day
Into Thy hands
we place our trust
Defend us from
all things unjust
When we are plagued
by worldly fear
Assure us, Father,
Thou art near
In times of need
be at our side
Walking with us
Stride for stride
And when we don't
quite understand
Be patient, Lord,
and take our hand
Life's filled with perils
And each step is new
We must trust in Thee
Lord to guide us through


God's new world lies beyond life's sea
Wise sailors go by Galilee
For there they know the Guiding Light
Shines brightly from Golgotha's height
So point the ship's bow straight ahead
Sail forth in faith with naught to dread
Though storms arise with mighty swells
That crest and crash in fearsome gales
All storms abate. God's faithful know
That Light returns. Mild zephyrs blow
Hold fast the wheel and fix your eye
Beyond the sea where earth meets sky
For there's the port, your journey's end
A gleaming New Jerusalem
Peace, bold sailor, you have arrived
And by holding fast all storms survived
In loving care, His Mighty Hand
Has steered you to this promised land.


Lord my God
Creator of endless firmament
Filled with starry galaxies
And distant worlds
Unattainable but to Thee
Thou hast made this earth alive
With majestic mountains,
Pristine lakes and rivers
Cutting their paths to the seas.
Then gifted this globe of wonders
To mankind to worship Thee thereon
Thou art truly an awesome God
Beside Thy magnificent creations
Lord, most holy, how small am I ?
Less than a grain of sand.
A drop of rain in howling storm.
A bit of dust blowing in the wind.
Therefore who am I amongst
Thy wondrous works that
My voice should be heard?
Why take note of me?

Then my soul responds
He sent His beloved Son
Not to die for all the stars
Nor earth or distant worlds
No, not for all the universe
But to die for me
Who He has blessed with
His greatest love

So Lord, my God
In worshipful gratitude
I know my prayers
Are heard by Thee


A hymn of adoration flows
From the deepness of my heart
I sense it as a melody
My tongue cannot impart
As mortal I can't hope to match
Alike His sacred love
That wondrous gift He sends to me
By a blessed snow white Dove
What then can I return to Him
Truly mine with which to part
But adulation and the love
That has grown here in my heart
It needs no words, this warming hymn
That my soul alone can sing
In praise and gratitude to Him
My Sovereign and King

* * * * * * * * *

The following verse reflects my
personal opinion and its use might
be objectionable to some. I've added
it for your evaluation and consideration.


America - brave land and free?
I know at least it used to be.
Today I have a doubt or two
Unsure the saying still holds true.
What would our founding fathers say
To see us as we are today?
Where's the spirit? Where's the drive?
The patriot hearts that help us thrive?
Is Liberty's bright harbor light
Now just a 'light bulb' in the night?
Our flag which once stirred every heart
Today's often cursed or torn apart.
More than a few in trusted posts
Have been corrupted coast to coast
Each day we hear of those we trust
As living lives of greed or lust.
The media distorts the news
Manipulating public' views
Though 'In God we trust' our money states
More trust is placed on Wall Street rates
The world that once viewed us in awe
Now laughs and points out every flaw
Insisting we have seen the last
Of our country's proud and noble past
Do they speak the truth?
Well so it seems
If godless hearts
Are to shape our dreams
So please my country
Pray that He
Still sheds His 'grace'
And not His 'wrath' on thee.    

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